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Dust collection Bag

Dust collection Bagare sewn for specific requirements and for greater dimensional regularity.China Hengke has delivered customer satisfaction by adopting these product modifications and services : Low temperature, high dust load applications Filtration at high temperature up to 400o C or more Fuel gas from coal-fired boilers in power plants Dust capture from solid waste incineration Filtration of toxic gas with high content of polluting metallic elements Filtration of corrosive and other chemically active dust Capture of high value dust such as gold, silver and titanium Investives to improve plant layout and to manage filtration problems Undertake dust collector rehabilitation and maintenance engagements.

hangzhou hengke is a leading manufacturer of hi-tech industrial filter,dust removal products, filter cloth, wire meshin China. Our mainproducts include: fabric cloth, air permeation cloth, Dust Catcher Spare Part,silk cloth, telescopically tube and so on.

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