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Nomex needle punched filter felt

In the field of filter bag, usually people regard the bag as the heart of filter bag, what kind of flue gas that the filter bag can deal with, it dependson the chemical fiber itself for the bag. Under the common flue gas condition, it needs that the bag can endure the 150 below, in this occasion, polyester, polypropylene, acrylon, chinlon etc could be suitable for this. But in the high temperature occasion, such as chemical, carbon black (white carbon black) tail gas, blast furnace gas in irons melting plant, vertical kiln tail gas in cement plant, kiln furnace tail gas from calcium carbide plant, casting, flue gas of steel smelting, gypsum concrete gas, fire-resisting brick gas, coking gas etc. the powder gas is unfit for electricity dust-collecting, only using the bag or others because of the mass resistively limit, the second reason is if we cool the powder gas below the 150 , the investment cost is higher and the space site is limited, the third is because of the sulphur content of the flue gas, and the powder gas contain the acid dewing point, it can filtrate and separate that the flue gas is under the high temperature condition, which needs the high temperature resistant chemical fiber to make the filter medium.

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