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For the paper mill, printing and dyeing plants, chemical plants, electroplating plants, pharmaceutical plants, food plants, ceramics, mining and other industries sludge dewatering. It has a breathable and permeable impermeable characteristics, because of its design structure, the sludge is easy to peel after the filter so easy to clean, long life of the filter cloth can withstand up to high tension, mesh belt has good stability and strength , Followed by the heat treatment process and makes our mesh belt in the latitude and longitude cross-stability can be strengthened. These features allow us to provide the mesh belt in a variety of filter press, belt dewatering machine, the use of leaf filter makes the belt longer life.

1, acid, alkali, wear resistance, high temperature.

2, made of stainless steel mesh joints are cut into suitable for the mesh belt and the actual application.

3, special polyester materials and weaving structure, making our mesh belt has a good surface effect, so as to facilitate the network with the slag and regeneration.

4, filter belt tensile strength, strong anti-wrinkle, mesh monofilament uniform, flexible

5, filter joint glued work done well, the use of imported latex, easy to fall off.

6, filter belt surface smooth, easy to peel off the cake, filter belt easy to wash.

7, cake thick, easy to regenerate, filter cake easy to peel. Stereotypes stable, no deformation, not deviation, not pleating, tensile strength, strong acid and alkali resistance.

8, filter belt tension is generally controlled at 0.3-0.7MPa, commonly used value of 0.5MPa. Filter belt walking speed 1 ~ 7m / min, different specifications and size

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