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Non-woven Filter Cloth


Non-woven filter cloth is made of polyester, polypropylene raw materials, the needles, combing, cloth center plus woven fabric sandwich, and then by the two-way core, air into the network acupuncture compound into cloth, after the pressure filter cloth with three-dimensional structure, After heat setting, singeing, the surface of the most chemical oil treatment, so that the smooth appearance of the filter cloth, microporous distribution, from the surface to see the product density is good, both sides of the surface smooth and breathable degree is better in the frame compression Filter on the use of proof, the product can use high-pressure, filtration accuracy of up to 4 microns or less, the product can be based on user needs to provide two kinds of raw materials, polypropylene and polyester. Practice has proved that non-woven filter cloth in the plate and frame when the filter performance better: the case of coal preparation plant slime treatment, such as the use of other specifications filter cloth (specially treated EP3927, ET120-7, ET8222 filter cloth PP750A filter cloth except) There will be cake pressure does not work, and difficult to fall off the problem, with non-woven filter cloth, the filter cake in the filter pressure to reach 10kg-12kg when it is very dry, and the filter box will automatically fall off the filter cake.


It is used on the filter press of the dyke plant board and frame, and it is used on the filter press of the steel plant waste water treatment. The same performance is good on the filter press of the brewery and the printing and dyeing machine. When the filter paper, the filter cloth because of its internal fiber layer with the same filter layer, and filter paper is pulp and pulp can not be washed, only for one-time use, non-woven fabric in the surface treatment with chemical fiber filter paper (Cloth) compound use, filter accuracy can reach 1 micron. After the surface treatment to be used alone, good performance, easy to use after washing, washing can be reused, the economic value is better.


Users in the choice of non-woven filter cloth, mainly based on air permeability, filtration accuracy, elongation, etc. to consider the different thickness, the quality of non-woven cloth, see the dust bag series of polyester needle felt and polypropylene needle felt , Specifications varieties can be developed.

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